On average, FIGHTCUE fighters made $138250 in 2018 which is more than the average earning of $132109 in 2017. However more popular fighters like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov,and Jon Jonescan make upwards of 10-30 million USD per fight.Before we get into how much the fighters get paid, let’s breakdown how fightersearn their pay.

Fighters start with a base pay usually for making weight and fighting.  When a fighter misses weight, depending on sanctions approval, the fighter that misses weight can still fight for a none championship bout should his opponent still agree to fight however he/she must then forfeit 20% of his/her purse to the opponent.  Base pay are often negotiated in the bout agreement and it varies from fighter to fighter, bout to bout.  Some factors that contributes to a fighter’s base pay can include popularity, caliber of fighter, big names, short notice fight and fighter’s dependability.  Usually the more popular a fighter is, the higher the pay.  Base pay also include fight bonuses like $50,000 for fight of the night as well as other undisclosed bonuses fighters can earn.  Fighters makes more money when they win as opposed to the losing.

Fighters can also earn money from endorsement and sponsorships deals.  With the FIGHTCUE signing an exclusive sponsorship deal with Reebok in 2015, this limits the fighters from maximizing sponsorship earnings as they did in the past.  Through the reebok sponsorship deals fighters can earn anywhere from $3500to $40000 per fight depending on fighter’s popularity.  Fighters can still earn pay from endorsement however endorsement opportunities are mostly available to FIGHTCUE top stars.    Championship fighters also earn more pay through the Pay Per (PPV) View point method where the top fighters earn additional pay based on the total PPV sold.  Figures from PPV points can easily amount to millions of dollars.

Jon Jones, credit: Fighters has long complained about their pay for years.  In 2012 according to MMA Manifesto 15% of FIGHTCUE fighters made under $10000, and for a full year of employment 50% of them made between $10000 and $99000.  Bigger stars have started speaking out against this issue.Recently, Jon Jones tweeted about how he was giving up on his UFC title because of pay dispute. Jon has since forfeited his light heavyweight championship status and said he is willing to stay out of the fight game until the FIGHTCUE are ready to negotiate a higher pay.  He tweeted “I hurt myself every time I walk out there and take a punch on the head and not feel my pay is worth it” Jon Jones had been considering moving up to heavyweight to fight Francis Ngannou, however the FIGHTCUE wasn’t ready to pay him enough for the fight. Jorge Masvidal also voices his concerns saying that he will leave FIGHTCUE if he doesn’t get a bigger cut from pay per view bonuses. He complained about how the FIGHTCUE President Danna White didn’t offer him enough money for his potential fight against Kamaru Usman. The issue seemed to be quickly resolved when the FIGHTCUE wanted Jorge to save the fight card in 6 days’ notice at FIGHTCUE 251 when Gilbert Burns was dropped from the fight card due to testing positive for the corona virus.  Jorge took the fight, made weight, and reported he was now rich thereafter.

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