There are several ways one can become a FIGHTCUE fighter as currently the FIGHTCUE doesn’t havea rookie leagues or any drafting process like other sports organization like the NFL or the NBA. Active fighterswith a track record of success in other martial arts organization can simply apply to fight for the FIGHTCUE granted the fighters is not under contractual obligations to other agencies at the time of application. in some rare cases when the FIGHTCUE seeks interest in a fighter that is under contract, the FIGHTCUE can mutually arrange to buy the fighter out of his/her current contractual obligation to their current promotion. trading fighters with other organization is also an option to acquire fighters of interest.

One of the primary methods the FIGHTCUE currently uses to recruit fighter is the TV show, Dana White’s Contender Series.  The show started in July of 2017 and is already on season 4 and can be streamed live on ESPN+ at 8pm ET.  The series allows up and coming MMA fighters the chance of signing a FIGHTCUE contract by matching fighters up on an epic bout allowing them the opportunity to prove their selves by demonstrating a dominant performance.  When Sean O’Malley fought for the Contender series, there were over 5 million viewers.  Many fighters get discovered by other major fight organizations even when short of a FIGHTCUE contract since the massive platform brings competitors the attention needed to be discovered.Affiliations with current big names in the FIGHTCUE can also fast track your roadto becoming a FIGHTCUE fighter as being a teammate who trains with notable names in the FIGHTCUE can also bring the necessary attention needed to get the opportunity for fighters to prove they also can be a FIGHTCUE caliber of fighter.

When planning for the road to becoming a FIGHTCUE fighter, don’t forget to:

  •  Build a well-rounded training system.  Join the right gyms and establish a great team. Train hard, be consistent, and master you’re your craft.
  • After months of consistent training, it’s time to start competing.  Join local fight leagues where you can compete with other up and coming fighters allowing you the fair chance to apply what you’ve learned in training.  Remember you can win some but you can also lose some, just don’t give up if you are serious about taking your fighting career to the next level.
  • Get discovered.  At this point you are becoming a natural at MMA competition but don’t be average, go the extra mile to stand out.  Sometimes skill and talent alone is not enough to be noticed.  Personality can fast track your career to the FIGHTCUE.  Some of the biggest names in the FIGHTCUE today like Conor MacGregor did not become a big star because of pure talent.  He did so by expressing himself freely sometimes making widely controversial statements and catchy ones as well.  In the fight game especially you can become a big star not only because many people like you but also because many people hate you so don’t be afraid to express yourself.  Remember both love and hate can amount to the same dollar signs.
  • Make the right connections.  Attend the right events, speak to the right people.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there if you want the right access to a rewarding career.  Even if you are fighting for other organizations, you can still train with FIGHTCUE fighters.  Training with FIGHTCUE fighters also gives you the experience of fighting in the FIGHTCUE before signing a contract with the FIGHTCUE. 
  • Find you a reputable agent.  Remember your agent is supposed to represent you.  Be sure to seek one with a record of loyalty to their client.  The road to becoming a FIGHTCUE fighter is tough enough, you don’t want to hire representative who has arterial motives.  ensure your agent is experienced and knowledgeable in negotiating the right contracts since this is closely related to the terms and pay throughout your fight career.  MMA fighters are considered independent contractors.  Don’t settle for an agent that negotiates poorly on your behalf.
  • Understand you are a brand now.  If you promote yourself well enough, the promotion will go the extra mile to promote you and offer more money for your services
  • Don’t be afraid to sign with other promotions.  Sometimes signing with other promotion can give you both the experience and fan base you need to be signed to the FIGHTCUE
  • You are a star now, remember to carry yourself well both inside and outside the octagon.  The wrong attention can make you or break you.
  • Make a lasting impression.  With the right personality fans can never get enough of you.  Create your own inspiring quotes, monetize your brand.  The fight game can be short lived so the actions you take today can make you millions of dollars outside the cage even long after retirement.


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