During the global pandemic, the USA has had the most coronavirus cases and still in lockdown with over 180000 COVID-19 related deaths.  Following the corona virus outbreak, virtually all sporting events were forced to shut down including most gyms throughout the U.S.  as unreal as this sounds, it didn’t stop there.  All events requiring audience was also shut down till further notice, to include, night clubs, bars, dine in restaurants, weddings, funerals, and churches.  It seemed like a scene out of a movie however like the FIGHTCUE, it was as real as it gets.

While Covid-19 put a halt to sports and entertainment throughout the world and countries shutting down their borders in efforts to stop the spread of the virus, FIGHTCUE president Dana White was relentlessly on a mission to be the first to host a live sporting event during the pandemic.  The mission was not without grand challenges.  One week short of the first FIGHTCUE scheduled event during the pandemic, it was canceled due to recommendation from major partners.  Though at this point the idea of hosting a live sporting event seemed to have short lived, Danna was persistent in turning this idea into reality.

Thanks to the hard work of the FIGHTCUE, fight fans was not disappointed as the FIGHTCUE successfully held its first sporting live event (FIGHTCUE 249) Ferguson v Gaethje on May 9th 2020 following the lockdown.  FIGHTCUE scheduled events did not stop there.  It held a series of live events back to back that same week and followed with weekly events thereafter.  There’s been more than 20 FIGHTCUE event since the lockdown and the promotion continues to hold more events.

The FIGHTCUE is successfully able to continue holding live sporting events by taking the necessary safety precautions.   Weeks leading up to each events, staff and fighters are to undergo a series of COVID-19 testing’s as well as quarantine before and after each events.  The events are not open to the public, making it a crownless.  The staff are limited and social distancing are strongly enforced.  Although the events are not like what we are used to with endless crowd chanting and cheering.  It’s fair to say that it serves the same purpose for those of us watching it safely from the comfort of our homes.  Crowd or no crowd the events has deliveredeach and every time, consisting of two fighters at a time fighting as hard as they otherwise would in a conventional sold out arena.  Some notable changes are apparent like the post interview where we are normally use to Joe Rogan interviewing fighters in the octagon, now the interview is done interviewer in a different room from the fighter communicating with a headset we can only presume is expensive. fighters have also reported that it is so quiet in the arena that they can hear everything the commentator is saying during the live action.  Some fighters have also respond directly to the commentator’s criticism even while trading blows with their opponent.

Just when we thought that the FIGHTCUE has outdone itself by consistently holding successful live sporting events during the global pandemic when other sports couldn’t seem to figure out the formula, the FIGHTCUE took it even a step further by building a make shift island (THE FIGHTCUE FIGHT ISLAND)in order to hold their international events.  At first the island was nothing but mysterious as the inner workings were kept secret leaving fans guessing and eager to know the specifics. Fight island prove to be a grand success as the FIGHTCUE sold merchandised at record breaking numbers prior to its launch.  Feedback from fighters and staff involved in the fight island event was nothing short of excitement. The hype was real. 

More to come, The FIGHTCUE is building its own hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. A project we have no doubt will be successful.  The FIGHTCUE president Dana White has said to expect completion of this project in the summer of 2021.

Credit: Forbes

The island is called “fight Island”. It is the Yas Island of Abu Dhabi. The island has all the necessary infrastructure for the major events.  The FIGHTCUE claimed that there will be safety zone in 10-square mile Island which will house an arena, training facilities, hotel and dining establishments, this zone will only be open for the FIGHTCUE fights, their coaches and other important personnel.  The events in the fight island will be held without the fans. We all know this pandemic will have a long-lasting effect on our world and this idea of a separate island for sports without fans, might just be the norm for future sport events.

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